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Tom Cordier

 Dr. Thomas Cordier created the I-CBT treatment system,  Interpersonal Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, implemented by all the clinicians at American Center for CBT. Dr. Cordier has researched extensively the affects of an interpersonal approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and created a system and manual that is easily comprehensible regardless of the patients learning abilities. In addition, Dr. Cordier trains each of his clinicians with an intensive training program that he has developed. His innovative concept may revolutionize the way that mental health treatment is delivered. His treatment is highly structured while still centering its approach on the relationship between the patient and the clinician in order to help patient's learn, understand & change their core beliefs.   Dr. Cordier has an extensive background in the clinical treatment of children and adolescents as well as adults. He received his bachelors degree in psychology at the University of CT and completed his graduate work at the University of Hartford and The Graduate Theological Foundation. As a Intern student at Yale Dr. Cordier worked on the evaluation and testing of children and teens with behavioral issues such as ADHD, Oppositionality, and Conduct Disorders. Dr. Cordier also worked with children, teens and adults at St Francis and Hartford Hospital's emergency psychiatric and substance abuse centers in CT.  Dr. Cordier is a retired military captain who served over 20 years of exemplary service in the United States Air Force where he became a medical officer specializing in hospital management and administration. Dr. Cordier learned additional clinical skills in the military and incorporated these skills in the management of American CBT.  His personal goal is to help as many people as possible by teaching self empowerment in order to live a happier more fulfilled and rational life.  

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Raj. Tempi, MD

This is a model for change. 

Review Ryan B.

 Dr. Cordier's book is an excellent insight into the workings of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The idea that all of our negative thoughts and emotions are a byproduct of our own faulty thinking is fantastic, and reminds me of the burgeoning modern mindfulness and meditation movement. I also enjoyed the section on emotional intelligence, as I feel it might be the next big thing in psychology. My only complaint is the academic writing style, but this is a book meant for other health care professionals and not a general audience. A good book for anyone trying to gain control of a restless mind. 



What is I-CBT?


While the cognitive-behavioral approach has been effective in helping people for over 6 decades, I-CBT takes CBT a step farther into the millennial years. I-CBT is a universal therapy that takes on a neurological approach, combining a number of highly validated training and treatment regimens and therapeutic tools “that are known to work exceptionally well.” These methods are infused into a hybrid training and treatment system that is adaptable to healthcare, academia and the corporate world.  

I-CBT incorporates highly structured cognitive-coaching (CBT), methods, and an inter/intrapersonal approach that includes emotional /social intelligence, Parental Empowerment Training (P.E.T.), various workshops, group milieus, all structurally facilitated through the utilization of a step by step workbook in a format that is both age/developmentally and culturally appropriate. 

I-CBT Briefly Explained by Dr. Cordier

I-CBT is a step by step treatment system that corresponds with a self help workbook that teaches patients how to self regulate. 

Dr. Cordier on NBC discussing Depression

Dr. Cordier in a NBC Interview discussing depression.